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Here's some photos of my pets. If you are weird enough to want to see full size versions just left click on the pictures

Perry This is Perry, our puppy.

Perry Perry Perry Perry Perry Perry He's an English Springer Spaniel. His kennel club name is Peregrine Took so we have decided to call him Perry.

Timmy the cat

Timmy the cat Timmy the cat This is Timmy.


Kitty the cat Kitty the cat Kitty the cat Kitty the cat And Kitty, the cat (Don't blame me, I didn't name her!).

Daisy May

Daisy May Daisy May Daisy May.

Pets in the past
floyd1.jpg FLOYD.

floyd2.jpg floyd3.jpg A scruffy little mongrel. You can probably tell by his name that I'm a BIG fan of Pink Floyd!
floyd.jpg floyd.jpg These are the last photos taken of Floyd. A week later, aged 16, he was gone :-(

dai1.jpg This is DAI, one of my dogs. Unfortunately Dai is no longer with us :-(

dai2.jpg dai3.jpg He was a 15 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel / Setter cross.

Simba1.jpg This is Simba, our puppy.

simba3.jpg simba2.jpg He's a Samoyed. He was born with a very bad turn in his left eye so the breeders didn't want him. We took him on when he was a 7 month old puppy. Unfortunately he was too strong for my wife to walk when I was at work so we had to take him to the Samoyed Rescue center for re-homing. As far as we know he's been re-homed with a family near Manchester where he's living with another Samoyed. Let's hope he has a long and happy life there.

Snails Snails! The biggest is one of a pair of African land snails. The rest are just normal snails

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